30 April 2009

Ratatat Makes me Happy

Life has been good since Mesa. I started working at Gloria's Little Italy and I love it. I've also moved into my house, and I LOVE it. It's close to campus (10 min bike ride) and its a real house. I'm having such a good time cleaning it and taking care of the yard. The only problem is that I've lost my retainer... which means that I either have to pay $300 to get it replaced or I let my teeth shift. Looks like my teeth are going to start shifting -suck. Another sucky thing is that I'm quite a few hundred dollars in debt -money still not paid back since London, car troubles, rent, books, and all sorts of wonderful things, so I should be really stressed, but I'm not. I'm making a fair amount of money -I wish I was making more, but once I start actually getting paid I can start to get a handle on my life. I can no longer go to Mexico because of this swine flu and such, and I'm bummed because I was really looking forward to going and spending that time with my dad, and two of my dearest friend's are gone for the summer. BUT I'm ridiculously happy. The sun has been shining, I've been able to make a better friend in an old acquaintance, home from his mission, and Ratatat makes me happy. It comes on and I can't handle myself, the smiling just doesn't stop. I'm really loving life right now, though I had to drop ballet for Global Environment so I can catch up and get into my Social Science major next winter. Life is good. 

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Saucy said...

If you get a new one, get an Evertain Retainer. You wont' have to go back to your ortho and pay for the visit and you get 3 years of free replacements should you lose it again.

They send you a self-impression kit, you send it back, they send you two sets of retainers. One is your backup.

Don't wait too long though or you will be putting a retainer on slightly shifted teeth.

Good luck! Hope things get back on track for you. Sorry you can visit your family. That sucks. hope this whole swine flue thing turns out to be less than what they are saying.

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