26 April 2009

Mesa, AZ

Last week I spent in Mesa visiting one of my new favorite families: The Binghams. I had a fabulous time with my dear friend Lauren, and I was surprised to find that I loved Arizona. I always imagined it to just be this dusty reddish brown mass of houses and dirt, but I was happy to find that it was much more beautiful than I would have expected, I even liked the cacti. And I was shocked to see so much green. 
One of the nights we dragged Sean out of the house and we were going to go to a comedy show, but it was sold out so we walked along Mill Street and then headed to a venue where a friend of Sean was playing. Lauren and I enjoyed the warm starry evening outside.
I picked a prickly pear. And while the pear itself was not prickly, the connective fibers were, and they latched themselves to my fingers like nothing else. 
We had to get glue and 'wax' them all out.
In most of our down time we sat by the pool soaking up the wonderful sun that I have missed so much.
Lauren and I being 'models' in Dillards accompanied by David, and their momma. 
Morning of Lumberjack Day. Birthday boy is pictured behind me in a towel. I am pictured with an alligator head. 
David, Lauren, and Kevin bought new flannel at the Goodwill before we headed to a manly breakfast of flapjacks, and biscuits and gravy. 
We then headed to a nursery. David scouted for and purchased a ficus. 
Everyone looks good on Lumberjack Day. 
In honor of the holiday, David chopped that ficus to the ground. 
In the evening we headed to Albertsons (tricking Sean to come along) to buy David's birthday present: a live lobster.
David pictured here with the Dog, Charlie, and the Lobster, Constable Connery.
After about 10 minutes of playing with Constable Connery, we decided he was better suited for dinner than as a pet. Lauren made the pasta and Lobster sauce, 
And I made a dense, but delicious, sponge cake. 

David had a pretty good Lumberjack Birthday I think. 
Lauren and Sean
Me and Kevin
This is what we did most of the rest of the time, sat on the couches and watched The OC. I find it wonderful how much the boys loved it. Though, I can completely understand, I too was once addicted to The OC. 
On my last morning here we did 'Ab Ripper X' 
That was clearly a mistake.
Sean just made fun of us the whole time, which made it hard to concentrate and we were all collapsing in giggles. Thanks Sean. Pictured here he is kicking me. 
Then it was back to The OC before I flew back to Provo.
I had the best time in Mesa. It was fun from start to finish. I love the Binghams and I will miss Lauren while she's in Virginia. It was great to finally meet the rest of the siblings. They are too funny. We'll always have the Mesa times.


Anonymous said...

What an adventure. You should call me sometime. Or not. Do you know what art, of the martial division, they practiced?


Lauren said...

It was so nice to have you here.

I will miss you too!

Kristy/"Grammie" said...

Glad you had such a great time in Arizona. Looked like you were pretty busy the whole time. We will miss you in Mexico...but there is always next year! Adios!

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