21 April 2009

What I've Been Up To

I moved back to Utah.  (more like I continued to live out of a suitcase and slept on a very hospitable friend's couch) 

I reunited with all my friends. (much screaming and even some tears pursued.) 

I had an exciting adventure jump starting my car. (scary battery acid) 

I had an Indian Party. (we watched The Darjeeling Limited, Slumdog Millionaire, ate curry, did henna and wore our indian clothes)
I found a job. (Gloria's Little Italy. I'll be serving gelato, making sandwiches and salads, and apprenticing under Gloria herself learning how to make all of her delicious Italian Pastries. wonderful) 

I hosted a tea party for my friend Becky's birthday. (many delicious treats and lovely frilly clothes.) 
I lived in a house with my friends while parents were away. (much feasting and beating back of wild dogs involved)
I had a toga party. (we made Greek food and wore bed sheets)

I suffered through a late April snowstorm. (12inches. Late April...)

I painted three portraits of my friends. (I'll paint one of each of us who will live together in the fall)
I got a swimsuit delivered. (after 2 tries with Spiegel, I went back to JCrew.)

I helped people move out. (end of the semester)

I spent the day in SLC with Lauren. ( we hit up the London Market: they charged unBELIEVABLE prices for Digestives, Marmite, Winegums, and HP, it made me sad. then we looked for a swimsuit and had lunch at CPK)

I flew to Mesa, AZ. (I'll be here for 5 days hanging out with Lauren, enjoying the heat before it's back to school, work, and moving into my new house -nicknamed  "The Headache House" photos to be posted on a future date. )


Anonymous said...

I like painted portraits, not so much headaches.

stuff and things,

Mary said...

Did you make those like swan things? they are super pretty, do you have close up of them by any chance?

Kristy/"Grammie" said...

You've been so busy, it's incredible! Love the henna designs! ♥Kristy

Lauren said...


I was just creeping around on your blog. So much has changed. I CANNOT believe it has been nearly a year.

I'm glad we are friends.

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