30 August 2009

The Last Weeks of Summer

Summer is over. Tomorrow school starts. It's been a long summer and I'm very excited for fall and for classes to commence. Here's a rundown of what I've been up to.

Thursday August 21: Iron & Wine Free Concert
Yes, free. It was brilliant. It was the first time I had been to a concert that I actually liked the band and knew the songs they played. Sam Beam, while not a classically handsome man (by most standards) captured our hearts. He has such a sweet, rugged voice. His lyrics are beautiful and his music charming. I love Iron & Wine. I am so happy I got to attend this concert. The Best Part?
Front Row, center. I was actually maybe 15 feet from him at this point. It was brilliant.

The next day I flew back to Redding for a few days. I saw everyone (except my oldest friend Adrienne!) and was able to eat at all my favorite restaurants: In-N-Out, La Cabana, Thai Cafe, Damburger, etc. I got to swim in my pool at 9p when the water was warmer than the air. I got to visit with my Dad and Kristy and I learned a lot of family history, which really fascinates me, and every other Mormon.
This is a photo of my great-grandmother Nellie Myrtle Pewitt, and her two brothers Albert and Louis. Louis is pictured here with his eye poked out -yes all the way out.

Here is a photo of my great-grandmother when she was around my age. She was very beautiful.

I also had the opportunity to paint and utilize all of my mom's painting supplies. She had this giant 3x5 foot canvas that she let me paint on. Armed with a palate knife and paint I went to work and in an hour I had finished this painting:
I am so proud of myself. Even if it isn't perfect and could very well be scrutinized by someone much more knowledgeable and skilled than myself, I am pleased with it, and for me that is what matters.

Before I came home I painted this stormy landscape. It didn't fit my crayon colored house in Provo so I brought it home. I used my hands the most for this one. Advanced Finger Painting.

Here I am pictured with my giant painting- just for scale.

School starts tomorrow. I will be working 22 hours a week, and taking 5 three-credit classes. My new roommates are wonderful - and seemingly very clean, which helps my stress levels.

And as a final note. I miss Becky.
I never see her. She may have time to read my blog if nothing else, so I'll tell her here all the things I know I'll not have time to say. I know she's busy planning a wedding and working and being a grown up, but I miss her. I feel sad that she's not around (though things are much cleaner :] ) and I feel a little left behind. I'm not jealous (at least I'm not trying to be) that she's getting married. I'm very happy for her, and her happiness in no way detracts from my own, but things have changed. Travis is the most important person in her life and that is the way it should be. But she's moving on to a different stage in her life and we'll get there someday, but for now it feels she's leaving us behind for a bit. I'm not upset with her, and I hope she doesn't feel that I am. I hate that she never has minutes on her phone so I can never text her or anything. And I know in my heart that even though it's not the way we would all prefer, that even when the stress of the wedding slows down and everything returns to normal, that she will be Travis' and he hers and that is how its supposed to be, but I feel like I have to give her up and give her away. Not completely of course, I think she'd miss me too much ;). But I am giving up my entitlement to her and letting her be completely Trav's wife. I miss you Becky. But good luck with everything. I can't wait to have what you've found. I live for that day.


travis pitcher said...

Thanks Lana! We still love you (especially Becky)

Rebeccah Louise said...

I'm sorry dear, I do still love you and I miss you too.
I'll come see you soon.

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