14 September 2009

Ode to an Essay

O Essay, you are so complex, your perfect form so elusive.
Completing you successfully is a task few can achieve with any level of greatness.
You come in so many forms, you come to me through so many facets.
The quintessential assessment of my knowledge,
The ideal example of my ability to BS.
You have been with me for so many years.
I am never rid of you.
I am continually asked to perfect my relation with you.
Yesterday you did not haunt my dreams.
Today you are an alarming reality.
Your six pages of analysis, your voluptuous weight,
Your fragile nature, so easily judged,
So readily dismissed as insufficient,
As sub par.
O Essay how could I have neglected you?
How could I have forgotten your need of my presence,
Of my hand in your shaping?
Your need to fill the minimum length requirement
Chases my idle fingers into action.
How could I have procrastinated your emergence?
Why did I neglect you until now?

1 comment:

Rebeccah Louise said...

and why do you continue to neglect by writing a poem instead of writing an essay?

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