18 September 2009

Finding Purpose Through Food

For a few weeks now I've been feeling a bit out of inspiration. Not for blogging or for cooking, but in general. I told Becky that I need a new role model, that I've been a little lacking in my motivation to be better and that I had no one to foster that. I felt that I needed a person of some sort on whom to liken my behavior -just someone good who in acting like that person I would feel better about myself.

I didn't need a person, it turns out. I just needed a really good movie. One that reminds me of why I am passionate about the things I do. I have just seen that movie. Julie & Julia. Amazing. I can't think of another word to describe it. I was so enthralled with the film. I loved every minute of it. And as I'm blogging I'm listening to the soundtrack and for all of you who have seen that movie you may laugh at the comparison.

This movie made me happy. As did "UP" which I also recently saw. I love uplifting movies, movies that you watch and you sigh with happiness thinking "I'm glad I saw that. I feel better for seeing it." Julie & Julia changed my outlook for today. It reminded me of all the things I have to be thankful for -I know this sounds dumb, but uplifting movies have that affect on me.

I also felt that most of the movie was targeted to me. I'm sure many people can connect with the characters but I felt the most attachment for these aspects:

Paris (Europe in general holds sway over my heart)
Learning French (Meryl Streep's Julia Child learning French was fabulous and funny)
Le Cordon Bleu (easy comparison)
Finding Joy and Life through cooking
Getting so upset over something not going right in the kitchen that you have a melt down. (Paige still wont come in the kitchen when I cook. Flash back to wedding cake number one...)
Finding purpose through food.

Plus Meryl Streep's Julia Child reminded me so much of my late Grandma Ronnie. She was happy and loving and sweet and very tall. :)

I loved this movie. It made me feel so good. I want to return to Le Cordon Bleu, but even if I don't get the chance in the near future, I will definitely keep up my training -and try to be less stressed by imperfections in the kitchen. Wedding Cake number two is coming up in 3 weeks...

Things I've made lately that were delicious:
Blackberry Mousse in Filo Dough cups
Fried Chicken
Butternut Lentil Soup
Baked Butternut Squash Fries

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