18 November 2009

Living for next Wednesday

I feel stretched to my absolute limit for homework. I've had so much required of me this semester that I'm very ready to just quit. I don't sleep well, I'm always preoccupied with some other assignment or test or project or presentation or paper. Let me tell you about papers. I've written nearly 20 of them this semester. I'm so sick of writing papers. Right now I am working on a Geography research paper -talk about boring. Then I have another small assignment for Anthropology due on Friday, and a HUGE Anthropology paper due on Monday (Previously Friday, so I'm nearly done, but it will still require a lot of effort from me.) Stressed out. Completely pushed and pulled and stretched to my mental and physical capacity. I need Thanksgiving break like I've never needed anything else before in my life. Tennessee you will be a long awaited and well deserved reprieve.

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