20 November 2009

A Very Good Day

November 20th, a very good day. Let me list the ways:

I got a new cute sweater from JCrew yesterday that I was able to wear today (cashmere? yes!)

It was warm enough to have the A/C on in the car. Reminds me of home.

I skipped History and had a much better time sitting in the sun chatting with a friend.

Lauren and I went to In-N-Out. Yes, In-N-Out, here in Provo UTAH! And it was just as good as I remembered. Sitting in the van, eating a burger with a pink lemonade with the A/C on. Too good.

Oh, and I was hired to be the assistant baker and counter help for a new bakery called The Chocolate! No more Glorias! No more coming home crying from being yelled at. No more unreasonable requests and bouncing paychecks. I am so happy I'm giddy. I'll finally be using my skills and maybe living up to potential. A few days ago Gloria had me put slices of cheese between pieces of tissue paper -yeah she definitely knew how to use me to my full potential. bah.

Tonight I quit Gloria's. Most of my homework is done, and in 5 days I'll be in Tennessee with a much missed friend.

I started rereading Hatchet. Reminded me of being a kid and my mom reading it aloud to me and Jared.

Very good day. :)

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