12 November 2009

Stress bender

I told Paige that my next post was going to be about the wonderful day I had yesterday. I will post about that at a later date. Right now I'm just STRESSING out. University is very difficult. I feel stretched to my limit, plus I work, not a lot, but I'm still working and it severely cuts up my homework time. Stress, stress, stress. Thats all I feel. And I feel it from every corner. What am I stressed about right now? Well let's see. Tomorrow I present in my European Geography class, not a big deal but I need to wake up early and make 4 dozen Fattigman (Norwegian cookies). Then I need to work on my History paper that I haven't read all the books for, then at 4 I need to go to a test review for my European Geography class. At 6 I work until after 10. Then I get to sleep, lucky me, for in the morning at 7.30 I have to take a General Social Sciences Test for licensure in my program. And I have to take it tomorrow or it will cost me $130. Also it's Paige's birthday on Saturday, and I want to be able to spend time with her, but guess what I have to finish my History paper. (Same one, books still not read...) And then I work again Saturday night. Plus I'll have to read another History book, Anthropology book, study for my European Geography test, oh yes and do a research paper and an anthropology paper! And I have to make more desserts for my class for next wednesday. Plus other odd stupid assignments. When am I supposed to have time to even attend class?! Stress stress stress

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