03 November 2009

Two Posts in One Day? It's a real treat. A Real treat.

I've literally been living off of pumpkin. I don't know how much more I can stomach. And we've still got 5 more. I can't throw them away, I haven't money for food, and I would feel so wasteful. I intend to make another pie and more pumpkin bread, but in the mean time, I have all this savory pumpkin puree. It's all I have to eat. And I just found a butternut squash. I've eaten entirely too much squash this season. And yams, oh great...

What culinary concoctions have I made this past week? Well let me tell you.

First, Lasagna. Delicious, wonderful, amazing lasagna. And this isn't your mother's lasagna -unless she's from Tuscany... Apparently only the Sicilians put ricotta cheese in their lasagna. Everyone else uses Bechemel sauce. Imagine that! And it is so good. WAY better than the "traditional" kind. My mom made it as well, and she and John say it's THE Best lasagna they've ever had. All this time, we could have been eating this type of lasagna. Oh those Sicilians. I'm starting to pick up the prejudice my great-great-grandfather had for them. He was on to something.

Then I started making things with pumpkin. We had so many pumpkins that I felt we had to use.
I made pumpkin juice for our Harry Potter Party. Eh, ok.

I made toasted pumpkin seeds. Delicious.

I made pumpkin pasties. Also good. Like mini pumpkin pies.

I made pumpkin yam mashed potatoes. They were good with a side of Old Bay grilled Chicken.

I made a rustic pumpkin tart. I didn't use a pie pan. I rolled out the dough and in the middle I packed the thick pumpkin puree (with one egg, a handful of brown sugar, and respective pumpkin pie spices) and folded the edge of the dough up onto the pumpkin all the way around. I left most of the middle showing and baked until it was cooked through. Topped with whipped cream it was wonderful.

On Sunday I made Pumpkin bread. It was the best bread I've ever had. When I took it out of the oven I topped it with honey and it formed a wonderful honey crust. I sliced it and put some butter between each slice and we had a feast. It was the best.

Then I made baked stuffed pumpkin. I browned some ground beef with onion, ginger, and garlic, added some vegetables and cooked rice. I stuffed this into a pumpkin and baked it until it was soft. It was marvelous.

Today I had left over baked pumpkin. I'm getting real sick of pumpkin now. But I feel like I should eat the food I had. So I took some of my pumpkin puree and added some sharp white cheddar and milk and made cheesy pumpkin soup. It was pretty good. But i am done with pumpkin. I can't take it.... no more. No more.

Oh Halloween?

Olive Oyl, Kiki, and Coraline

For work I was Olive Oyl, because everyone is convinced that I look just like her...
When I got home I changed into my Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum costume. Ash never looked so good. I hit up a couple parties with some friends and then my roommates and I watched "Let the Right One in." It was a very creepy Swedish Vampire film.

Yeah that's a ferret. I wanted to pretend it was my Pokemon, but it smelled like pee, so I didn't want it near me.

3 more weeks until I leave for Tennessee for Thanksgiving! Hilary tells me to stretch out my stomach, and I will as long as it's nothing with pumpkin.


The Coatney's said...

yum! everything sounds delightful. but i'm going to have to say that "having no money for food" must be a relative term these days. i must be getting old because we never ate so delightfully. i swear we ate 10 cent ramen noodles and baked potatoes for a lot of our meals! i would be a poor college student at your house any day! it all sounds scrumptious!

lana.aleyse said...

I haven't got money for MORE food. And you'd be sick of pumpkin too I think. No matter how creative I get, theres only so much pumpkin one person can handle!

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