03 November 2009


This morning the prowler was caught. The girls next door have been dealing with him for a while as well. Apparently he's pretty belligerent and has been tapping on their windows and removing their screens. *shudder* But this morning they had a friend of theirs, Uruk-Hai sized, laying in wait. They turned on a light and opened the blinds and sure enough the prowler came right to the window. Luckily someone across the street saw his running car and called the police. And the girls called the police and their ambusher chased him down. The police caught him and took his information. He's thirty, married, and lives in this neighborhood! He has a court date in January. It's not over, but boy are we grateful that he was caught and that the police have his info now. Thank you so much to the boys across the street who called, and everyone's hero Steve St. Pierre who chased him down. We are safer than we were yesterday, and so much lighter of heart.

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The Coatney's said...

what a relief! gavin asked me today if you could come over for a play date tomorrow. it was cute. and a little random! he misses "wahna"

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