08 January 2010

My boyfriend's family blogstalks me

We know you do. So here's something for you:

He's the best boyfriend I've ever had. He's unbelievably considerate and wonderful. He makes me so happy. He's quickly becoming my best friend and he makes everything better. I am comfortable to be exactly as crazy as I want to be at any given moment with him (those of you who know me know that I can be pretty insane) and he seems to like me all the more for it. He is amazing.

On another note, I am insanely busy. School has started and I had to drop french to make time for econ. My Teaching Social Science class is my favorite. Tomorrow I start my first week of actually being in a school helping a Social Science teacher. I'm pumped. It's in this crazy charter school called Walden, we got to hear all about it and it sounds like it is going to be a festival of strangeness. But I'm very excited. I can't wait to actually be a teacher.

But the point that I wanted to bring up is this: we are extremely lucky. Lauren and I were talking about this, she brought up how lucky we are to have eyeballs intact. :) No matter how hard and busy things get, we are so blessed to have everything we have. I was exhausted from work and my neck was killing me and I had to be there an hour later than planned, but I actually have a job, and one that I love. School is hard and costs me WAY too much money, but I love BYU and I'm blessed to go here. I am healthy, and I am intelligent, and I have so many opportunities available, I should never find reason to complain. Heavenly Father has given me way more than I deserve, and I think that I am often too ungrateful.

So I didn't really make any New Year's resolutions, but I think as a life resolution I should try to remember how blessed I am and to always be grateful. It will make the tough times seem easier if I remember how good I have it. Like I said before, in my life, I honestly should never complain. I'm so beyond blessed it is borderline disgusting. But I do realize it and I am thankful.

I also love my roommates, I just wanted to add. I've never had such good friends. They mean the world to me and again, I'm so blessed; I live with my four favorite girls on the Wasatch Front. I've never been closer to a group of girls and each one of them is such a blessing to me and a good example.

This is a weird post, just a lot of thoughts. I'm very sleepy. Goodnight.


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