11 January 2010

Adventures in Sourdough

I've been fostering a little sourdough starter for a while. (At one point it got over=active and exploded all over Paige's side of the pantry, whoops.) My first go didn't go. It was hard as a rock and while it tasted good, it was hard as a rock.

I made sourdough pancakes for Becky and myself. They were delicious, if I say so myself.

I found a great recipe for sourdough bread here. I followed it exactly, including waking up at 3a (at the 14 hour raising mark) to punch it down, and then again at 8a to bake it. It was perfect. It was worth all the effort. The HUGE loaf was gone within the day. I was so excited over how perfect it was that I forgot to take a photo. Let me tell you though, Bread recipes are specific for a reason. Do NOT try to cut corners, its chemistry and it has to be done with exactness. It was well worth it. (Even though I secured second-degree burns on my thumb and index finger)

Well worth it.

Sophie woke up from a dream about her father making bread (he does that a lot) and, surprise, it was me.

I think playing with sourdough is my new favorite thing. I did cheat a little though, it's not purely Provo sourdough (since sourdough uses the natural yeast in the air it is different in different regions) It is so cold in my house I had to help it along a little bit with some dry-active yeast.

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