30 January 2010

This Week in Pictures

Last Thursday through this Wednesday I was a visiting student teacher at Scera Park Elementary School in Orem.

On Tuesday I taught about daily lives in Revolutionary America. I had them switch their shoes on their feet to experience not having form fitting shoes as it was in the 1770s.

We also made butter -ineffectively but I know what to do next time I do this.

I showed them and example of embroidery and we smelled tea in bags. I had them smell it before I told them what it was. It was a fun inquiry lesson, they all had great ideas as to what it was.

Then I played a song for them, and then we sang a song together called "Soldier, soldier will you marry me?" I couldn't sing on key (from nerves I guess) but we all had fun and no one minded that I didn't sound perfect. One girl told me I was awesome for playing the guitar. :)

I love teaching.

Wednesday night Matt and I went to see Tartuffe on BYU campus. My friend Rafe was in it. We had a lot of fun (mostly taking photos of ourselves) but the play was really awesome.

The stage set up

Matt with his laser eye (shooting Voldemort in the background)

After about 30 shots of Matt making a dumb face we got one where we both look good.

Friday (today) we went up to Brighton Ski Park for night skiing with Matt's Dad and roommate Seth.

It was super cold, but I was carving up a storm on that mountain.

The snow was super different from Shasta -it was dry. It was almost too dry and I kept catching my edge in this fake feeling snow. There were some places where it was icier and it was much easier to carve. I had a lot of fun and I did not get hurt. Seth and Matt and Matt's Dad wiped out a few times fairly badly. I did not wipe out once. I fell a few times and got stuck on the flat part of a run 3 different times, but I escaped injury-less, besides a skinny bruise across my entire back where a girl plowed into me as I was strapping on my binding...

Let me stress that it was ridiculously cold. I was not properly warm until after we gorged ourselves at In-N-Out and I had a bath.

I think this is an especially flattering photo of the two of us, so it had to be included. Guh...

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Mary said...

You are a busy girl, teaching at a school would be a fun experience. I really like the new layout of your blog i don't know when you changed it all but the header is really pretty : 0

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