08 February 2010

"Sometimes the Best of Both Worlds Creates Hell in Your Mouth"

Sometimes the best of both worlds creates wonder.

Take for example:

Banana = Awesome Fruit

Chocolate = Best thing on Earth

Banana + Chocolate =

Best Snack ever

(chocolate fight not included but welcome)

And Sometimes the best of both worlds creates Hell in your mouth. This phrase was coined by a dear roommate after the testing of the very unsuccessful combination of Chocolate Lucky Charms (with the marshmallows). And I thought it was only fitting for tonight's disaster.

Mexican-Asian Fusion. Mexicasian? Asiexican? Whatever you want to call it, just don't eat it.

Shredded Chicken Breast, Sliced Onions, Shaved Ginger, Crushed Pineapple (so far so good), Chopped jalepeno, (uh, what?) Diced Tomato (No! Please stop!) all wrapped up in a tortilla... (Saints preserve us!)

Alone the filling was AWESOME! But combined with the jalepeno, tomato and swaddled in a tortilla it was just gross. I usually don't have time to experiment so my concoctions are usually more conservative and generally on the good side. This is what happens when you skip FHE to do Econ, realize your starving and build a Franken-Asiexican-Burrito.

After eating most of the "burrito" I decided the only thing to remedy this tragedy was to have a chocolate bar for dinner.

The perfect thing to wash your mouth clean...

1 comment:

Paige said...

In that picture of you and Matt, Matt looks like he could kill a herd of elephants with one look.

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