14 January 2010

Waldon, Cookies, Cream & Poulet

This past week was my first week observing at a local school in Provo. I went to Walden Charter School. I loved it there. It was a bit 'liberal' and some have considered it 'unruly' and 'wild.' I, however, loved it.

I felt that while the students may have traditionally less respect for authority, they seemed to have more respect for people. They treated me as a person from whom they could learn. They were interested in what I could teach them.

I got three opportunities to teach this week. I co-taught two periods of Financial Literacy for 11th and 12th graders on the basics of banking. I really enjoyed it and the students seemed to like it as well. Today I taught a cooking class. We made homemade oreos (my sister's recipe) and we reviewed convection, conduction, and radiation. I LOVED IT! Can we talk about the MOST PERFECT JOB EVER?! Teaching and Cooking. My loves combined. If only that also involved travelling somehow... It was amazing. I loved it.

In other news, I made this really great chicken for my roommates when they came home from Christmas break. It's called Poulet aux quarante gousses d'ail. (Chicken with forty garlic cloves.) It was delicious. We all watched a movie and feasted. I also made raspberry scones with clotted cream and fresh raspberries for breakfast. Uhm, tasty. Luckily Matt came home early so he could enjoy some as well.

all the garlic skins...

Have I ever mentioned that I love cooking? Well, I do.

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