17 February 2010

Internet Doubled

The price of internet doubled this month... I guess the starting service discount expired last month.

Life is too expensive for someone who has to pay for school and rent and food and gas and barely works 18 hours a week...

I cannot get ahead. It doesn't matter how hard I try to budget, something always comes up and my credit card bill slowly increases. I'm trying so hard to get it to zero, luckily rent will decrease by $100 a month starting in 2 months for the summer.

On top of worrying about school costs, I have actual school to worry about. I know life will never really slow down, but I'm really struggling trying to keep up with everything. I'm not getting good grades because my classes are really hard, and I barely have a spare minute. I skipped going to observe at Provo High today so I could have a minute to get everything done -or how about a minute to even eat?

I'm stressed about school. I'm stressed about money for school. I'm stressed about not having enough hours at work, and even if I could get more hours could I fit them in? What else would I have to cut out? I barely have time to sleep more than 6.5 hours a night. My face is breaking out like crazy (no amount of salt that I could cut out from my diet will remedy this, mom). I have to actually stop and do nothing every now and then to rebound.

Thank Goodness I have my roommates, and my wonderful boyfriend to keep me sane. Honestly there are extra hours that I could devote to studying, but I would definitely overload then. College is supposed to be like this, I'm told. I don't need to travel anywhere. I just need more money. And I'm lucky, I go to a relatively inexpensive university, but my goodness. I feel stretched very thin.

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