20 February 2010


Yesterday was the day that I had planned for for weeks. Literally weeks. The plan was this:
530 go to Mosque in Salt Lake
They were having a special presentation and interfaith gathering.
8 when it finished up go to eat Middle Eastern Food to top of the experience.

My original plan was just to go with Matt but I thought it would be fun for all of the roommates. But we weren't out of Provo until 545... And because we left so late we hit rush hour traffic and it took us an hour and 15 minutes to make it to West Valley... (should have only taken us 45 at the most!)

We drove around for ages trying to find the Mosque, and we didn't find it. Even the people who had been there previously couldnt find it. It was dark, and we were lost and the car lights were blinding me, and it was so noisy in the car (with talking, laughing, gum popping, singing, and music) that I was beyond stressed. I actually had to ask for 2 minutes of silence to collect myself.

At 745 (when the Mosque event was far past being over) we gave up and went to eat. I had found this African restaurant online and we went there. It was two Ethiopian women running the place and the food was amazing. We thought we ordered two plates of the 'serves 3-4' (and we were stuffed by the end), but it turns out we only got two of the 'serves 2.' So it was barely 5 dollars for each of us and it was more than enough.

We ate the food with our hands. It was brought on a huge plate. There was what appeared to be a sourdough crepe on the plate and then it was piled with this beef in a delicious brown sauce, and two bits of this yellow probably some sort of cornmeal stuff, it tasted like really good split pea soup, and what tasted like spicy pickled cabbage. There were extra sourdough crepes for us all to grab food off the plate. Everything was so delicious and it was all of our first experience with African food.

The drive back was better. Matt drove and after being fueled with delicious food I was in a much better mood.

Matt told me that this Mosque night was my "Red Lobster" night. A night where good intentions and great plans fall flat.

It should have been fun, and it was. There was just some stress in the middle.


Sophie said...

It was a good night despite not making it to the mosque. Also, I've had African food before. But I'm glad we found that restaurant

Anonymous said...

Genial post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

Hayley said...

this makes me happy!

Rebeccah Louise said...

Sorry you guys didn't make it, but dinner sounds great and you guys look so cute!

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