13 March 2010

Hilary comes to Utah (Not Clinton)

Last week, my dearest friend from The South returned to Utah, though she had promised to never return. Friday night I convinced Paige to come with me to the airport (believing I was picking up a friend from 'London' which was a very believable story because I used an actual person instead of making up someone. Emily Meade, I'm sorry, I used you for my farce.) and Hilary stayed with us until this past Thursday. We had the best time. It was like she never left. She had a lot of people to visit so it was like she just lived here again. We all had missed her a lot. I was really sad when I had to take her back to the airport on Thursday. Hilary shared her birthday with us on the 7th, and though it was Fast Sunday, we made her a feast! Crepes, fruit, juice, tea, sausage, bacon, etc.
In other news. I got a job. Finally. That week and a half of unemployment was stressful. I work for Divine ModesTee selling swimsuits in Costco's around the Utah Valley. Fun stuff, and it pays $9 an hour.
I love this kid. But he's crazy. Sometimes I suspect he's crazier than I am.

Also, I was on campus yesterday studying for one of my three midterms (THIS WEEKEND) when my phone started ringing. Who was calling? My sister! I was so excited because I hadn't heard from her for ages. I answer and this is what greets me 'Come on, it's time to brush your teeth!' 'Come on Katie, we need to change you.' 'Mom? Mom! Mom? Look at this.' 'Oh great job Gavin.' 'Emmy, Mom has to change Katie.' etc. I got butt dialed by my sister. I was kind of a creep and stayed on the phone for a few minutes listening, just so I could hear those darling babies. It was fun to have a little listen in on their lives. Jaime was kind of embarrassed when I told her and exclaimed "Why couldn't we fake call you during scripture study or fun time?" This was even better I think. :)

What's been cooking?

Seafood Soup with homemade Sourdough
Can you spot the squid?

Pork Chili with homemade Cornbread
May have caused some of my problems last night.

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