12 March 2010

The Butt of the Joke...

Tomorrow I'm planning on blogging, with pictures, about the past week's adventures with Hilary and uhm Oh finding a new job (yay) but I thought I would leave you tonight with a little anecdote.

Tonight Matt and I watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It was a great film. We had tacos and made a date of it. But we started the movie kind of late and I was pretty sleepy. I usually fall asleep when we watch films anyway. So I fell asleep, half-reclined with my butt against Matt's leg. (by the way I had homemade chili for lunch) Then it happened, I farted on his leg! My eyes snapped open and he said, "Yes, that definitely just happened."

I guess I should have been mortified, and I probably would have been had Matt not farted on me only a couple weeks ago, and around me at least 5 times a day. I guess his behavior kind of softened this blow. Butt I was still a little embarrassed -

though clearly not too embarrassed to tell everyone.

And my e-mail from Matt tonight ended with "I hope you can sleep with all the chili you've been eating." Clearly he's enjoying this.

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