15 April 2010

Missionaries and Wrinkles

Matt's little brother Michael went into the MTC yesterday. He's been called to serve in the Pocatello, Idaho Mission. On Tuesday we all went up to Salt Lake. While Matt, his mom, and Michael did a session, I did baptisms. Unlike the Provo Temple that takes FOREVER to do baptisms, I was done within 30 minutes. The Salt Lake Temple is so beautiful and old and has so much history.

The temple grounds have flowers blooming all year long because of an expensive heating unit in the ground that keeps the soil at a temperature sustainable to fragile flowers. Tulips have got to be my favorite flowers. I think they're just elegant. The ones around the temple were so lovely.

It was a beautiful day. I didn't mind waiting 2 hours for the rest of them to be finished. It was cold outside but I enjoyed myself.

We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial building for lunch and I took photos of Matt and Michael for a bit after. I think Matt looks so handsome in these photos. I love him in grey.

There was an old woman on the piano playing a medley of The Sound of Music songs.

I'm getting wrinkles. It's hard to imagine why that could be....
I think it's kind of unfair to still have acne when I begin to get wrinkles.

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