23 April 2010

My love is pushing through the dirt

My plants are starting to grow! Precious tender seedlings are pushing up through the often nutrientless Utah soil.
Who can look at spring and not be in love? I am in love with the blue sky -not the blue of freezing air, but the blue of soft tender air. I am in love with the baby green that is transforming my vista.
I find it easier to be happy and show affection when I'm warm. I feel my Savior's love. I'm happy to work (especially since I'm baking again and NEVER will work a swimsuit shift again). I'm happy to be busy -though not with school.
I am in love with the possibilities that come with the warming of the earth. I love the axis of Earth. I love having this time to face the sun with all our might and bring life and love back into the Northern Hemisphere. I love geography.
I love surprises (though not secrets). I love that we all have weaknesses -our fallibility strengthens our bonds. I love the frailty of life -it makes everything more meaningful.
If you read this, (which means I probably know you) I love you. I love you readers from London. I love you readers from Redding. I love you readers from Utah, Arizona, New York, Cairo, Washington and anywhere else you may be. Matthew, I know you don't read my blog very often but some time you'll read this. I love you. You have become a dear friend to me. I'm so thankful for your strength.

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Rebecca said...

I love you too Lana :)

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