21 April 2010

winter's gone and taken my roommates

Exciting news pt 1: I got my very own KitchenAid. It is this lovely blue machine behind the lovely white cake it produced. I will never be able to live without my new friend.

Exciting news pt 2: The stupid tree in my yard has been taken to task. With the help of my hometeacher's yard tools, my strong boyfriend, and my helpful roommate we to' that tree up! No longer will it darken my garden with it's undesirable shade.

"Exciting" news pt 3: Three of my roommates will be in Africa this summer. Sophie moved out on Tuesday for Cairo, Nicole left this morning for Uganda, and Paige will leave on Friday also for Uganda. I miss them all already.

Exciting news pt 4: I love fish tacos! To celebrate Nicole's last day with us we went to Rubio's and got their World Famous Fish Tacos -for half-priced Taco Tuesday.

I ate 2+ of those tasty taco temptations.

Matt was unsure how he felt about the tacos.

Nicole shunned him for not understanding the flaky fiesta that is a fish taco!

At least I'll have Rudy all summer. She'll get me through missing the rest of them. (Matt you look stupid in this photo...)

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The Coatney's said...

first of all... life is not complete without a kitchenaid. ours is actually a member of our family. my bread making would not be the same without it.

second... rubios? how did it take you so long to discover the goodness. i LOVE their fish tacos. love them. and have tried to replicate them many a time to no avail. i do make a mean fish taco but nothing like rubios. it's right up there with cafe rio.

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