03 June 2010

Let's Recap

A week or so ago Matt made me lunch. It was delicious. Spaghetti with vodka sauce and kielbasa sausage and stuffed portobello mushrooms and garlic toast. So good. Lucky my man is such a good cook.

Spring City Pioneer Festival:

Last Saturday we went to Spring City for the historical pioneer festival.

This church (including banister down which Matthew is sliding) was built in 1902.


There was a reconstructed log cabin. I was so excited. It was just like the cabins built in Little House on the Prairie, except that it was Norwegian built and they didn't use chinking like Pa Ingalls.

I was in the middle of saying something to Matt when he snapped this shot. I think it's funny because I'm making such a mean face! I promise that I'm not this mean. Or at least I don't make mean faces like this frequently.

We took a horse drawn carriage ride. We thought it was going to take us around town. False. The driver took us way outside the map and all around in the country. It was a beautiful day and a really nice ride though.

Cool old fireplace.

We found a house on the side of the highway that was half sunk in water. It was so neat that we had to take a few photos. It would have been a great setting for a zombie movie.

Ryan and Kathryn's Wedding:

Everything was perfect and beautiful -including the cake, if I do say so myself. It was a really nice wedding and the weather was perfect. By the end of the night I was exhausted though. I had to get up at 4.30 the next morning to work a few hours before...

Matt and I headed off for California!

More awesome Californian photos to come!

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