05 June 2010


Dear High School,

My little brother graduated tonight. Being back on your campus made me reminisce a lot about what it was like to be that age. I admit I do not miss you a bit. Do I miss being 10 lbs lighter and in the best shape you could image -yes, of course. But when I was talking with a dear old friend (still attending) I remembered all the things about you that terrify me. The drugs, the sex (so much sex, what are these kids thinking? children should not be making babies!), the parties, the drama, the alcohol, the politics, the fashion, etc. I do not miss you one bit. And, actually, some of the things shocked me. I feel old, but maybe being in Provo for so long has made me feel so far removed. I remember a girl showing up to class with acid boils, and a girl in my class graduated pregnant. I remember tons of people getting stoned during lunch or having sex instead of going to second period. But that never affected me. Now that I know loved ones are in high school and possibly doing things that I think they shouldn't be doing, it stresses me out. I know so many kids attending you right now who are doing things I would never dream of. and yea, I know their standards aren't the same as mine. But can't they see that hard drugs will destroy (like physically destroy, like sever synapses and cause permanent damage to) their brains?! Is abstinence really harder than raising a child? Is it? I feel a little sick from hearing about your dark side. I hope these kids can pull their lives together after their 4 years of acid trips.

Broken Heartedly,

Former (always sober) High School Student

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