30 August 2010

love school hate books

not all books. just text books. i love learning, but books cost so much money! byu has a new thing where you can rent your books, but here's the deal. you know which classes you want to take, but you usually end up dropping or changing at least one, or the 'required' books aren't all actually required, so you wait. you wait for the first class to see which books you absolutely must buy. then you check the syllabus and reading is due almost immediately. so you can opt to rent or buy from amazon, but you have to wait several days to receive them so you fall behind. or you can spend ridiculous amounts of money at the bookstore but stay ahead. i opted to wait. i'll catch up. but i can never justify spending $400 on books I will toss at the end of the semester. even with renting and amazon there are ALWAYS books that must be purchased new from the byu bookstore, and they will always cost you an arm and a leg.

1 comment:

JLCole said...

But they buy them back at the end, right? For less....... but still you will get something back, I hope! It is a very expensive thing, education. The only thing more expensive is NOT getting one! ;)

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