13 August 2010


Today I had to pack up Matt's apartment and store all his stuff in my car because he's supposed to be out by the 14th, and he's not coming back until the 19th. Luckily, I'm a really good fiance, so I told the management I was his sister and they let me into his apartment to move out for him. It was pretty tedious, but I know he'll make it up to me. Make it out with me?

While I was packing up my fiance's things I found a few interesting oddbits. I picked up a model human skull and it fell to the ground. The top plate came off and out rolled some brass knuckles. Not kidding; who has brass knuckles? And WHY? Next, as I cleaned out his closet I came across a squirt gun, a toy motorcycle and... a box of legos. Who am I marrying? Should I be worried?

I love him. And we'll have lego family night when we're married. And he'll hang up his picture of The Kramer and I'll hang up my picture of The Audrey, and we'll have a happy little home full of oddbits. [I shouldn't judge him too much since I am in the possession of a tutu (yes a real tutu) and a kimono (also, yes, real), and two pair of awesome Thai pants that I ordered from Israel.

He has legos; I have dress up clothes. I guess we're just two kids getting married. Worried? Not at all.

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Mary said...

I love you lana, and becky and I search this weekend for the perfect gift for your bridal shower, becky is so excited.

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