17 August 2010

Texas- pronounced Tey-hass

Contrary to popular belief -my belief- Texas is not all desert. Here in Flower Mound it is very, very green. It's so weird to be a fiance. I love it, but it's weird. It's weird because it's now ok to say things like 'Matt and my kids, will look like etc' or 'When we're married, etc.' I love it. I love meeting my in-laws. I love Matthew so much. The separation right after engagement was a really terrible idea though, because now I just want to be married RIGHT now. I don't want to sleep alone anymore. I don't want to be Lana Pewitt. I want to be Lana Cole.

Today we went to a huge water park. At said park was a giant swing contraption where you are harnessed and a rope pulls you up 15 stories or so and then you free fall and then swing. It was terrifying. But it was also so much fun.

Have I mentioned I'm in love? Absolutely I am, Right now I get to baby sit an adorable baby. So blogpost over.


Hayley said...

west Texas is better. there's no humidity there! or trees or plants, for that matter

Rebeccah Louise said...

I read the first line as "Contrary to popular belief -my belief- Texas is not all DESSERT."

And I thought, "Yum, Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake."

I'm glad that you're happy.
I'm sorry you have four months to keep waiting.

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