20 October 2010

Croque Monsieur

This photo is accidentally emphasizing the pomegranates. It's the sandwich on Matt's plate that you should be interested in.

I had this cheese sandwich for the first time in Avignon, France. I fell in love. Surprisingly, I hadn't made it for Matt until tonight. While he shelled a pomegranate, I buttered bread and sliced up a small block of $10 Gruyere cheese. Matt says nothing constitutes buying a small block of $10 cheese. Too bad these sandwiches were constitution enough.

The sandwich.

Buttered bread with Gruyere cheese and a slice of ham. Toast on both sides in a pan. THEN add Béchamel sauce over the top. (Butter and a bit of flour with milk, salt and pepper, stir until thickens to desired consistency) I added a bit more cheese to my sauce. I stuck the sandwiches under the broiler just to make everything a bit more cripsy. (The croque of Croque Monsieur is from the word "croquer" in French which means "to crunch")

Awesome. We also had a side of minestrone and a bowl of pomegranates. Very delicious, highly lactose-y dinner.

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