27 October 2010

The Hotel Pink Floyd

Last night Matt and I booked our hotel for Barcelona, but we had the hardest time finding a place to stay in Rome. We found this place called Hotel Pink Floyd, their own website made it sound pretty good -really close to the center of Rome, really cheap, bare bones but workable. We were about to book it when we read this review:

Where do I start? On arrival at Rome Termini, I spent a good one and a half hours wandering the streets of Rome looking for the ill sign-posted, Hotel Pink Floyd. On eventually finding it, I thought I had arrived at the scene of Dante's Inferno.

The decor can only be described as being that of a retro-sixties crack-den. The bunk-beds, whilst functional (insofar as you could just about sleep on them - and we only managed this because we went out and got bladdered to make up for the pain of having to stay here) were somewhat dangerous. I sat up a bit too quick and ended up with a sharp shard of metal scraping my forehead.

Now onto the toilets. Ah yes, I thought I was in Rome yet I got to see one of the world's natural wonders, Niagra Falls recreated before my very eyes as I attempted to flush the unit. We basically had to limit our toilet trips during the night so as not to create a flood.

We didn't have to co-habit with any humans, although I would say that Alexander Fleming would've had a field-day with the amount of penicilin available - so at least if you need antibiotics, you can probably help yourself to the vast array of moulds there.

Bare wires in the wall (apprantly a television arial), removable windows (see 3rd reviewers pictures) and a wonderful door which needed kicking down practically to get in, all added to the experience of one night in purgatory.

Seriously though, I've stayed in many hostels - and this is by far the worst I've stayed in. Hostel isn't really appropriate - this is merely a couple of rooms in a ghetto - no social life.

Why it's called Pink Floyd? Who knows? The only reason I can think of is that you'd require an LSD trip of Roger Waters proportions to enjoy. Please don't stay if you value your time in Rome - it almost spoilt ours.

We're not staying there...


Marge Bjork said...

that sounds about right for a pink floyd hotel

Ravindranath Jandhyala said...


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