23 October 2010

A Left Leg Story

3 years ago I was a little freshman in Helaman Halls. It was the first time I wasn't in ballet for over 5 years. During an FHE people were showing off how flexible they are. I said I could do the splits. As I sunk into them I felt something rip behind my left knee...

Flash forward to last year. My leg was normal again though not as flexible as before. I had done yoga for a year and was in a ballet class again. My left leg was getting stronger and more flexible. Yay!

This last spring I was in a new yoga class. We were in downward dog position: 

Then we were instructed to lift our right leg and bend our knee drawing our leg to the left side to open up our hips. When I did this (not hard and not even very stretch-y) I felt my left knee rip again.

I went to the doctor and he told me to just stretch it. I did (sometimes). It hasn't really bothered me all summer through yoga- I've just noticed that my left leg is not that flexible. BUT today...

Today is my last day of yoga since I've canceled my gym membership. It's a beautiful rainy day and I was loving yoga. A little over halfway through the class we were in straddle position (standing with legs spread apart wide) and we bent forward from the hips (not hard, again). I looked underneath my legs to the mirror behind to make sure my hips were square and one wasn't higher than the other. I only had a tiny amount of adjusting to do, and my left knee ripped again!

So now, no more yoga, and I'm sitting on my bed icing it with green beans -awesome. I had to limp out of class early...

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