21 August 2010

Upside-down Plum Cake...

...equals the BEST CAKE EVER. Matthew has said this a few times. He also said that he wants a grooms cake of that variety, but I'm not going to make a cake so close to the wedding.
It really was delicious. I made it last night and it's gone, less than 24 hours later. Nicole and Brooke are partly to blame. The rest of the blame goes to Matthew. Rudy could only take one bite before the sugar was too much for her.

It was a delicious upside-down cake with plums and a peach, and I topped it all off with a plum glaze (plum jam, which equals the best jam I've ever made/eaten, watered down and some powdered sugar added and drizzled over the top)

SO Delicious. I wish it wasn't gone. I would like another piece.
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